Meg Dixon

Voice Actress


Meg has a sophisticated RP voice ideally suited to e-learning, explainer, book narration and corporate information. Clear diction and a neutral accent gives a professional quality to IVRS and telephony projects. Her theatrical background lends itself to radio plays and drama.
This demo showcases not only her voice but also the excellent sound quality she is able to achieve in her studio.


Some other examples of my work and longer reads:

Medical: Visual Impairment

Documentary: Nebulae

Audiobook: Gone With The Wind

Audiobook: Bridget Jones's Diary


Meg has a rich and resonant voice, that has been honed in the theatres of the UK, and widely used for recording and short films. She has narrated training videos, filmed online advertisments, and also recorded many articles, poetry and news items for visually-impaired people in Cambridge, UK.

Following training at Guildford School of Acting Meg worked in London’s West End (‘The Mousetrap’) and also in many of the regional theatres in the UK, touring with ‘The Magic Roundabout’. Her roles include Amanda in ‘Private Lives’ by Noël Coward, Lady Macbeth in Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’, Unity Mitford in ‘Unity’ and Hilary in ‘The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband’.

Her grasp of French is improving, as she lives in France with her boyfriend. They have an unruly weimaraner, George.


We have a purpose-built studio, soundproofed and treated (using absorption panels from GIK Acoustics), ensuring a clear, neutral sound that is perfect for onward production.

We record into a Rode NT1 large-condenser microphone, feeding a MOTU audio interface. The final audio file may be delivered in any format you require.

We have the ability to connect to other studios or allow you to listen in, via ISDN or ipDTL.

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